300 Words About Rights

Rights are entitlements that anything has in this great world we live in. For an example when you have to deal with the law you have rights on being able to talk to your lawyer before you talk to a cop. Rights are what actions are proper, and what actions are unjust. Rights have many uses there is the right to vote which allows an eight teen year old to have the ability to vote on which person they would like to see in office.
The Hohfeldian Analytical System is this guy named Wesley Hohfeldian came up with the four basic elements of rights where, the privilege, the claim, the power, and the immunity he said these four made up the basic elements of rights.
The privilege rights allow you to sit in a seat in a classroom where ever you want to. The privilege right allows you to have your room colored any color you want.
The claim right allows you if you get hired at a job, they say you get paid this amount, and they have to pay you that amount. When a child has a claim right it states that no person can abuse a child.
The Power right gives a higher power than you in a job situation to order you to do something that you do not normally do.
Most rights allow you to have so many freedoms. Say you hurt your leg, and you still take part in your football game that is a right that you can still play no matter if your leg is hurt or not. Same with if you want to tie your shoes or walk a different way; it doesn’t matter because you have the right to do anything you would like to do. Rights are one of the most important things that we have in our society if we didn’t have or rights then we would be lost, and or government would probably control us.
One of the rights that was not discussed, and I know a little about is the right to bear arms. This right gives us the ability to carry a firearm in most places. I feel this right cuts down on a lot of crime in our states. You think a criminal would wants to go up to someone who they have no idea if they have a gun or not. I would not think they would want to do that.

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