Amanda Rollins Agnostic Atheist

Amanda Rollins
Standford Article
April 11, 2010

In the beginning of my Standford article Atheism and Agnostic they start off by talking about Atheism, which is the denial of the existence of God. They also talk whichin there about pantheism and theism. Theism is when they exhibit family resemblance in another direction. So basically they believe in something similar to you but not the same thing. And pantheism is the belief of nothing beyond the physical universe. Something that does not differ from theist and atheist is that to say if God exist then he is not being dependent on anything for his existence. The atheist will say though that the universe does fit this bill because the universie contains everything it needs, so it is not caused by anything else. Also, in this they talk about agnostic which is neither believeing nor disbelieveing faith. So you are basically up in the air about whether God exist or not. It also goes in to talking about W.K. Clifford who wrote a paper called "The Ethics of Belief" that spoke about comforting beliefs within ourselves. In a different section of this reading it is said that a person may call themselves an agnostic because of questionable philosophical motives. It is hard to say what is true because you cannot prove nor disprove the existence of a God which is what people who consider themselves agnostic are always questioning. Also it is said that some people may call them selves an agnostic instead of an atheist because sometimes they are associated with some forms of theism.

1. How did Atheist become to be? Was it something against the government or other religions?
2. Has there ever been any talk about putting meeting buildings in places?
3. Couls this be tied into something that happened in the earlier years of people and their country and it is now something that many other people believe in?

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