Ask an Ethics Class Draft

There are many ways we could approach the problem that you have presented us with, but we may need to know what the context of the question is. Let us first look at why you volunteer. Being a volunteer means that you dedicate your free time and skills to help out another business or person. You are not being paid; however, you are committed to the thing you volunteer for. You should consider your own needs. This problem might make you want to not volunteer anymore. You are not getting paid at all and just want to invest your time into something worthwhile.

No matter what your responsibilities are, you do have restrictions as a volunteer. In Hicksville, a small community, a people know people and they know their kids. Volunteering in Hicksville, you are sometimes able to punish kids that are not your own. Being a volunteer, you really do not have much say on how to run this establishment.

If the children are in harm's way, you have a moral obligation to keep them safe, regardless of whether or not they are your children. Children do not always know what dangers they are putting themselves into, and it is our job as adults to make sure they stay happy, healthy, and safe. If the parents fail to notice their child is bothering other people or breaking things, you have the right to notify the parents about their behavior. They may think nothing is wrong; however, you should still make the point that their children are being rowdy and bothering other visitors.

That being said, if there is no immediate danger it would be better for you to ask someone higher up to address the problem. As a volunteer, you really do not have much say on how to run this establishment, but you have noticed a problem that needs to be addressed. As a volunteer you have the ability to make sugestions as to how things could be kept under control. You could come up with a way that you are able to keep kids occupied, or to remind adults that they need to monitor their children when they are at the event. You could ask the managment for permission to post signs around the area that caution children to not touch or play around in order to stay safe, and signs that say the children must be supervised by an adult at all times. These are the multiple things you can do to help solve your problem, but because you are volunteering your time and it is not your job to take care of others' kids, the best answer we agree on is that you should talk to the managment about posting signs or talking to parents. It is the parents' job to take care of their kids and the manager's job to do what needs to be done in order to insure safety of the kids and the venue items. As long as you make sure to be respectful when approaching the parents and the people running the venue, we believe that is the best solution for all. We appreciate your question and hope that this helps you with your problem!


Ethics Class

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