Clinical Research By Megan Nash

Megan Nash

Ethical of Clinical Research:

(300 or so words) The thing I got out of this article is that Clinical Research is used to help find a cure for a disease that doesn’t have a cure yet for example: cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease many disease that are killing millions of humans each year. Clinical research is used on humans that are either sick already or healthy. The testing is done with the patience consent though.
One question that came up in the article was: who would be willing to manufacture a new intervention without knowing first weather it works? Many of the people who go through these tests are close family members to a patent or friends with someone who has had one of the diseases they are trying to cure.
Another question is when is it acceptable to expose someone to risks of harm for the benefit of others? Many of the humans going through the testing have given their consent, and know that there are risks and that the outcome could be good or bad.

(100 or so words) This article fits with what we have been talking about because recently we have talked about animal rights and if it is right to test things on animals without them okay it. Also we have been talking about how Anthropocentrism think that human beings matter ethically. To Anthropocentrisms they would believe Clinical Research is wrong because we are hurting humans. We are the many things that matter.

1. When is Clinical Research wrong, meaning when should the testing not be done?
2. When is it ethical to do Clinical Research on Animals?
3. Is it worth putting humans at risk to save others?

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