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hi this is Farren Rector, member of group two, my email is ude.odelotu|rotceR.nerraF#ude.odelotu|rotceR.nerraF if anyone needs anything!

Hi, Andrea Glowczewski. Email is ude.odelotu.stekcor|ikswezcwolg.aerdna#ude.odelotu.stekcor|ikswezcwolg.aerdna feel free to email whenever.

Hey this is Brittany Kaminsky. My email is ude.odelotu.stekcor|yksnimak.ynattirB#ude.odelotu.stekcor|yksnimak.ynattirB if anyone wants to get ahold of me.

Hi! This is Emily Best. My email is ude.odelotu.stekcor|tseb.ylimE#ude.odelotu.stekcor|tseb.ylimE if anyone needs it!

Hi, This is Nuta Ngangana. My email address is ude.odelotu.tentu|agnagnn#ude.odelotu.tentu|agnagnn if you need to contact me feel free to do so.

Hi, This is Kate Wente. My e-mail address is ude.odelotu.stekcor|etnew.eitak#ude.odelotu.stekcor|etnew.eitak. if you need to get ahold of me!

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