Justice-being honest paying your debts, tell the truth

Review on Republic
main characters- 1. cephalus- he is falling apart and getting old, name means head
2. socrates- middleaged
3. polemarchus- he is about helping your friends and huting your enemies, name means warchief, he is he one who pulls
socrates and glaucon aside and basically brins them back to his house.
4. thracymachus- middle aged [ sophists ] means wise guy, mad dog
5. Glaucon- means bright eyes, was walking back socrates

is- descriptive
ought- prescriptive

examples of justice or good
1. Good in itself but not good for something else… pleasure
2. Not good in itself but good for something else… medicine ( kemo )… glaucon believes this
3. Good in iself and good for something else… friends… socrates believes this

Deontology- Duties/ princples behind actions… divine command theory
Consequentialism- outcomes ethica egoism/ utiitarinism

Western Philosophy- european parts of the world deended rom Europe such as american
3 main approaches to Western Philosophy
3.Virtue Ethics

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