Here is a list of all our group members. Maybe everyone can write their email next to their name so we can contact each other if needed.

Shal'amar Cook
Damon Drew
Jasmine Gordon - ude.odelotu.stekcor|nodrog.enimsaj#ude.odelotu.stekcor|nodrog.enimsaj 216-244-2992
Doreen Hunt
Lauren Rombkowski
Ross Sandridge
Shawn Shaffer
Sa-Shaee Vassel
Emily Winner - ude.odelotu.stekcor|renniw.ylime#ude.odelotu.stekcor|renniw.ylime 419-953-4986

Hey guys, I'll do the lecture notes for next week (March 29th and 31st). I guess we're supposed to sign up on here so everyone knows who's doing what days for lecture notes. —-Emily Winner

Hi could everyone please put what issue or topic they have for they're essay due in April. I don't know whose doing what so I can't start my own and I don't know what mine would be. If I don't get a response too soon I'll just start one preferably the empathy topic. Thanks —Jasmine Gordon

Hi guys I'll do the lecture notes for this week (April 12th & 14th)
I'm doing the one on feminism—Emily Winner

Hey I saw the sheet with all the ones that are taken so I can start now. Thanks!—- Jasmine Gordon

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