Rickia Malone
For utilitarian duties are just heuristic principles
Rules can’t have moral weight
Kant – rationalist duties can’t come into conflict then decide what duties are / best way to respect murder is to kill them
Categorical imperative – if you want / want x then do y
How do I know there is one things I have to do Kant says everyone wants to be happy / everyone reasons to get happiness
1. Act only on those maxim that I can will be universalized (apply to everyone always)
1B. law of nature
2. Respect others / treat others only as ends never merely as means ( rational being as mature adults )
3. Autonomy – self rule 9 giving yourself the maw / heterchomy rule someone else / if you can’t take responsibility for what you do don’t do it)
4. Kingdom of Ends / Kingdom of Heaven do 2+3 they do it because they choose to act as if your part of that society/ if you play by their rules you’re as bad as them
Ross: follow rules no matter consequences
Prima facie duties- at first glance / probability duties / no necessary conflict in abstract / if they do conflict you will have a intuition of what our duties are (something’s seem right in our gut)
Actual duties- in a situation, which duty is the most important
Ross isn’t a utilitarian / intuition
Kant – rational

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