Crimes and Misdemeanors
Dolores gets killed (2yr affair with Judah
Judah gets Dolores killed / legally gets away with it / not guilty
Cliff kisses Halley/ Halley gets engaged to stud Lester
Whets wrong with Judah did? (Leaving aside murder)
a. Emotional commitment to Miriam
b. Physical relationship with Dolores
c. Dolores knows about embezzlement /not Miriam/embezzlement borrowed
d. We equal sex with both an emotional and physical connection whole relationships
e. He’s being unfair to Dolores /Miriam and his younger

Fyodor Dostoyevsky crime and punishment
Raskalnikov (God is dead) <- no constrain on your own behavior unless we put it there <- everything is permitted <- no longer enforced
Take responsibility for your own actions
We rationalize what we do

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