Rickia Malone
Kant- Friends with benefits/something about sex inclines us/ oppose masturbation (disrespect yourself)
Attracted to person/persons because of their sexuality/gender
Sexuality and love is connected- if theirs tension each person needs to have respect /only way to have respect is to have a lifelong commitment<- through reason not religion
Jealousy- I should be in control so someone's emotions
Steinbak – cheating breaks promise of marriage/ if you’re in a relationship it’s like a contract/ premarital sex is ok
McMurty – lying and cheating is bad/ don’t get married (ideology)/ get rid of relationships <-free love
Virtue ethics
Charter/ being

What kind of qualities should be have or promote?
30 days
Ryan – straight guy lives with a gay guy by the name of ED/ his religion is Christian / he believes that homosexuality is a sin and a choice/ fundamentalist Christian / Protestant
Ryan believes in certain stereotypes that apply towards gay men-> can’t throw, they drink wine, they wear pink
Penny Nixon – minister for a primarily gay congregator/ not a fundamentalist / everything evolves interpretation / lesbian
Divine command theory ---Cultural Relativism-- Opinion
Absolutist subjective relativism
From either position always right never second guess yourself
Cultural Relativism- view that true ethics aren’t relative to opinion but to society

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