Jered Rich

Apply principle of utility to society-
Principle of asceticism (deontology
-traditional Judeo-Christian ethics)

Bentham is a consequentiality—- outcome matters

Birsch distinguishes between Act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism

Descriptive- about the way the world is
Prescriptive- the world ought to be
Naturalistic fallacy— confusing is’s and ought’s
—normative- prescriptive claim- a very strong ought. Backed up by a reason

Act utilitarian-by what u do ( Bentham). But then would relize that did the wrong thing
- general rules that on the whole lead to good outcomes. > rule of heroism. Both would save hitler. Did the right thing because it’s a good rule to follow.

Mill-happiness. quality
Bentham-emphasizes pleasure. Quantity


Milford's ideology-does not let lem eat meat at the bar. Why? Because of how horribly the animals are treated. Animals and people are equal. “I will force you not to eat animals” for utilitarianism reasons.

Normative claims force not to eat meat
Melford- we try to mae normative claims look like descriptive.

Prisoners development…

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