Liss chapters:
• Jim doe owns a pig farm
• Melford and Lem go to pig farm to recover dead bodies of Karen, Bastard and Karen’s mother,
• Melford wants to show Lem how the animals are treated <- that’s why he doesn’t eat meat

Animal related themes:
• Melford feeds pigs( why doesn’t he allow the pigs to have freedom)
• Gambler and Doe need bodies(what we don’t know what for yet)
• Pig farm is dirty, crowded, pigs aren’t healthy, non humane
• Bastard was a pig farmer (is this reasoning why Melford kills Bastard)

• Jim Doe shows up when Lem is at pig farm
• Jim Doe and Gambler are looking for money $40,000 <- supposedly money is missing
• On pig farm Jim doe , Gambler and Be Be are producing meth
• Be Be <- Boss of Gambler , runs encyclopedia company, likes young boys, trying to get out of the drug business (can’t because of money aspect) helps Desiree overcome a drug addiction
• Desiree <- Be Be’s assistant, former prostitute, was addicted to meth, was a conjoined twin ( sister died due to surgery) split personality ( thinks she can hear her deceased twin), poor background, overcame an addiction to meth with the help of Be Be

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