Skinner doesn’t like speciesism refers to racism, sexism/also we don’t know if we’re getting a benefit from it <- this point not pushed
If suffering of people matter, animals matter
Practice eating meat – killing of animals’ slaughter
Modern way of living we have resources to gain protein
Practice medical – animals are used for experiments<- testing for drugs on animals <-Benefit you and the future generations
What beings matter ethically/ what kinds of individuals groups /entities do I need to take into account in my decision making Individualism
Anthropocentrism-> strong – Descartes /Singer
weak – Cohen
Some kind of human being animal rights /Liberation – (Singer, Regan)
Any being that can suffer are birds, mammals, fish vertebrates (not insects)
Biocentric Indivualsim <-all living things matter/ anything that strives to preserve itself matters (Taylor / Varner
Egocentrism land ethic/ deep Ecology / Ecofeminism <- many chains as possible, anything that’s stops it is bad, anything that benefits is good
Flourishing of life (Leopold, Naess)
Do humans have free will? Yes they can choose / animals don’t have free will
Descartes <-animals are machines – (they don’t have minds)
Descartes/Kant –pain isn’t just in body, but in mind since they don’t have minds they can’t suffer
Kant – ethics is about reason being rational/ treat others with respect, animals can’t treat you with respect then you don’t have to treat them with respect/animals are capable of morality / the way we treat animals influence the way we treat humans

Dualism- humans have bodies <-mechanistic, mind /soul <- free

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