Kant-animals don’t have rights
Singer- animals matter
Cohen- cares about animals, but doesn’t matter to level of humans/ he’s a speciesist/ animals might matter because they matter to us, plants might matter
Okay to eat, Okay to experiment (justified by what they do for humans)
Arthropos- human being – strong arthropos only obligations to humans
Animals can’t think morally
Reciprocation – being rational (rational beings make decisions) /being part of a moral community
Are we causing suffering to animals?
Why does singer say rocks don’t matter, but animals do? Plants, trees, bacteria (they don’t have nervous systems)
Descartes- things that can think / have language / use tools matter
Bentham/ Singer- what counts as happiness?
Singer is a utilitarian/ Regan – deontologist / moral agency and moral patience I can emphasize with animals ( can identify more with animals)

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