Brittney Hopkins

Some Clicker questions from class today

  • Do you think melford was always planning to kill Kim doe?
  • Who is the worse person in the story?
  • Was melford justified in killing karen and Bastard?
  • Did karen and Bastard deserve to die ?
  • Did Bastard deserve to die ?

What makes them such a bad person…..
B.B. - Brains of whole drug/enclyclopedia operation. Also a pedofile. he wanted to molest young boys but never did/ grandfather molested him
Jim Doe- arrests people /woman under false pretense so he can rape them.. kills people with no remorse and abuses his authority in his jb.
Claim ->Why did Melfor kill Karen/ Bastard? Because they knew that the dogs were being tested for medical experiments + because they stole animals from pet owners / they also stole animals for money
Lem/ Desiree want to release animals / end of book these two free animals
Melford utilitarian arguement ( rather than save animals rather show whats going on) ( if we set free then crucial harm to animals wont stop)
Lem gives back neighbor a dog( she says that Karen and Bastard took it)
Jim Doe gets eaten by pigs
Ideology<- selling encycopedia's is just as bad as selling drugs
Petty crimes who cares about animals ( Jim Doe/ B.B/ Gambler <- Melford wants them in jail , not prison) ( Karen/ Bastard <-Melford only way to stop them is to kill them BUT, Melford says he's not motivated by revenge

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