Ashley Pettit

Peter Singer-Animal Liberation

-considers Bentham a good utilitarian because he takes animal suffering into account.
-if something can feel pleasure/pain that should be taken seriously.

Bentham-Can animals feel pleasure/pain?
-Many people believe they can, but some people argue that animals don't have self conception like humans do.
-However, some tests have found that certain animals do have some sort of self conception.
Example:Elephants with red dots on face look in mirror and recognize themselves, not a different elephant.

Speciesism: believing that animal suffering doesn't matter. comparable to rascism.
- argue that animals can't vote, so they shouldn't be given other human rights.

It could be argued that some animals are smarter than mentally retarded people, so why aren't mentally retarded people treated worse or equal to animals?
-because the way we treat people is based on what species they are. all humans are considered superior to animals. if you aren't human then you are allowed to be treated badly.

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