Ashley Pettit

Peter Singer

wrong to eat meat because:
-animals are slaughtered/tortured
-we have other ways to get protein
animal experimentation:
-animals brains are different from humans
-humans can consent, animals can't
*have to show that suffering of animals has more benefits for humans
*if we took suffering into account, we would be horrified, so most of us ignore it because it's the easy thing to do.

-only human beings matter ethically
In Between:Kant

Biocentric Individualism: all living things matter/ anything that strives to preserve itself matters

Ecocentrism: living communities (plant life) matter, not individuals

Descartes(Strong Anthropocentrist)
-says that animals are like machines
-humans have bodies(mechanistic) and minds(free)
-argues that humans have thoughts and animals don't; thoughts are related to souls, so that means animals don't have souls, therefore don't deserve rights
-humans can use language and words, animals can't
-connection between minds and pain
-argues that if animals don't have minds, how can they feel pain?
-basically believes animal suffering doesn't matter at all

Kant(In Between Anthropocentrist)
-the way you treat animals reflects on your moral personality
-how you treat animals is how you should treat humans also
-believes that animals matter for humans sake, not for themselves

Cohen(Weak Anthropocentrist)
-believes animal suffering matters, but not as much as human suffering
-shouldn't be mean to animals unneccessarily

Moral Reciprocation:being rational/ being part of a moral community

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