Steven Bowman

Ethical Assassin:
Karen and Bastard—- Steal happy healthy animals from good homes.
Bastard does drugs.
Makes meth, which is responsible for a number of American suffering.
Bastard molested Karen's kids.
Bastard works at hog farm, neglects them.

Melford—- Believes its best to keep the animals there because for most or all of them it is to late
Film and photograph the condition of the animals will save millions of animals.
Shoots Doe in his knee, due to no intention of killing him.
Kills Karen and Bastard with reason to believe that's the only way to punish them for all their negative acts towards animals

B.B.—- Brains of the whole encyclopedia/drug operation

Utilitarian argument not to free the animals because they will not live anyway and even so, the animals are completely domesticated and would not be able to live and apply their instincts correctly in the wild.

Melford's premise is to do what causes the least amount of suffering.
But was he justified due to forcing his morals on others?
So his final argument was the only way to deal with Bastard and Karen was vigilante justice

Vigilante- Person who takes the law into their own hands.

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