April 19th and April 21st

April 19th
Today we talked about crimes and misdemeanors

*eye doctor
had a two year affair on his wife Miriam with his mistress Delores
Seems to have a good relationship with his wife
takes a hit out on her and then feels guilty for having a hand in her death even though his connection to the murder is never found out
debates throughout the movie about Gods existence
religious upbringing
worst beliefs realized when we gets away with murder(without god as a basis for morality, everything is permitted)

Judah's mistress who was trying to tell Judah's wife about their affair.
Also accused Judah of embezzeling from his charity, which no one but her knew about.

Judah's wife. Not too much info given on her, however they seem happy together.
She doesn't seem to know Judah as well as Delores does (as shown by her expensive but unthoughtful birthday present to him)

Ben (Rabbi):
"voice of moral reason" throughout the movie
talks to Judah about his affair

documentary filmmaker
Also tries to have an affair, but is unsuccessful.
Has a bad relationship with his wife (it is mentioned that they no longer sleep together, and haven't for a while)
meets Judah at the end at the Rabbi's daughters wedding

Judah pitches him a "fictional" story about a man getting away with murder, cliff suggests the man turn himself in and be responsible fir his actions since there isn't a God to make him be responsible he must be moral himself

Judah says that's the Hollywood ending and that no one in reality would turn themselves in, he says in real life we must rationalize which is his way of justifying his actions because we know this isn't just a fictional story but the story of Judah and his mistress

we define ourselves by the choices we make

April 21st

Morality comes from reason, we can take responsibility for our actions
we express ourselves through our sexuality, fundamental way our society functions; gender differences

Kant.Deontologist. what duties/reason cause me to act
*Rejects a lot of religion, says we learn morality though religion but doesn't think Jesus is divine.
*Kant pushes for something similar to the church view but not because of God, but b/c of reason
*Have to "own" each other to make use of sexuality (only happens in marriage)
*only way to have total respect is though marriage; only have sex is respectful of each other, human nature, ect.
*sex outside marriage is wrong because it's disrespectful

Church view: sex=bad, only good in marriage and for procreation

19th century
*monogamy only for women, men did not have to follow; women were their properties

McMurtry: stop making the promises, the problem is monogamy
*using our own emotions are hostage for another's emotions
*not about love about controlling the other and their things
*jealousy about wanting rights; property

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