April 26th

Emily Best- Here are the lecture notes for April 26th!

Virtue Ethics
-virtue-more about character, less about actions (less about the things you do; more about the qualities you have) what time of person you are
-virtue ethics: character/ being
-deontology: actions/ doing

"30 Days"
-Ryan: straight guy
-Fundamentalist Christian/ Protestant- believes every word in the Bible is equally true; King James translation; propositional truth
-from rural Michigan
-was in the military
beinging view:
-says being gay is a choice and homosexuality is sinful (stated in Bible)
Ending view:
-not a choice, still a sin, was able to break stereotypes he had held about gay people

-Ed: gay roommate

-Penny Nixon: minister for a primarilly gay congregation/lesbian church

-Fundamentalist Christianity most resembles Divine Command Theory:
-what is in the Bible is true because God says it's true
-we can know what God wants unambiguously
-Problem: translations of Bible

-Penny points out: If Bible says Thou Shalt Not Kill, then how is it okay to be a soldier? (Ryan is one)
-she says he holds some of the Bible true and some not

-She also says: "If Bible said heterosexuality was bad, could you give it up?"
-Ryan said "no"

-Ryan says: everything involves interpretation
-"Pick-A-Mix" Approach: matter of opinion; choose to emphasize certain parts of Bible

2 extremes he goes from:
1. Divine Command-Absolutist view
2. Opinion-Subjective Relativism
from either position thinks he's right, from opinion-subjective relativism, truth relative to his opinion but penny says that your opinion is at the core of who i am so how can you not have an argument for your opinion, cant just say well that' just my opinion because it's an opinion that negatively affects others.

-Cultural Relativism-Benedict
-in between two extremes
-societies all have very different mechanisms for governing sexuality
-can't judge other societies based on our views

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