Today we focused on ideology, which was origionally made famous by Karl Marx (the father of communism). However, this was not the main point. The important thing to remember when dealing with ideology, is that it is very connected to social norms and normative behavior. We are given examples of this in the Liss reading, when Melford is talking with Lem in the car on the way to Karen & Bastard's place, to get the checkbook. Lem is asking why Melford murdered them, and he says that he is not yet able to tell Lem why, at least not until Lem can answer the question, "Why do we use prisons as punishment instead of something else?" We talked today in class that idiology has a lot to do with how we view the world, and how we are socially conformed to group thoughts and ideas, such as prison being THE way we reform/punish criminals.

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