lecture notes Feb. 17

Ideology: set of ideas that make "ought" claims
: are backed up by some sort of reason
: make normative claims seem discriptive
: make an "is" seem like an "ought"
: make people thing this is how the wold has to be
: ex: like looking at the world through a libral or conservative angle

Claim that prisons are rehabilitative even though they rehibilitate few, majority becomes more criminal
Punishment used as an example for what Utilitarianism is all about

Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) turn of the 19th century

: highly influencial on prison reform and education
: political activist
: wanted to make prisons more useful to society
: involved in movement that actually changed prisons
: how do prisons lead to good outcomes?
: make sure prisons lead to "just" outcome

:: Punishment- a physical evil

: an evil done to you, intended by the person because of something you did
: a tool used for the good of society
: need to employ punishment to ensure good outcomes for everyone
: Bentham in favor because he wanted to change punishment
: Theories of punishment ( can have more than one in place)
: deterrent: scare tactic, risk keeps you from doing the bad thing, threat of punishment
: rehabilitaion: in prison: forced to learn a trade- force someone to become useful, show thing it's better- normalizing
them, forcing then to make themselves better, wasting valueble time letting people rott in jail

:: The point of ethics and society to maximize pleasure and Minimize pain

: Pain is bad, in itself an evil, does that mean it's worth it?
: short term pain, in the long run pleasure
: pain is justified as a bet
: ex: betting my shot will keep me from getting sick
: What conditions is it okay to inflict pain or punishment (an evil) on someone?
: It could be good for them in the future
: Society as a whole can do this better than a single person

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