Jenna Lento
Group #2

(I am not sure if I am doing this right)

Lecture Notes from 2/8

Main point so far in the novel - husband and wife have been killed (Karen and Bastard)

Lem - 17 years old
Sells encyclopedias in trailer parks (Miami, Fl) Different culture then what he is use to
Try to go to college (Columbia in NY)
He is both ethical and unethical through his actions and thoughts

Guy in blue pick-up truck - Lem calls him a "redneck", he is a jerk, bullies Lem

Jim Doe - cop, bad/corrupt, attempted to rape a woman (reporter)

Bobbi - Lem's boss, he encourages workers to look for "Moochie" (toys, etc.)

Emily Best (addition to these notes)

*Lem is good at his job, but feels bad for conning people= moral dilemma

Karen and Bastard- trailer park residents; killed in front of Lem

*Jim Doe is strong and has authority (police officer is symbol of justice), but he is actually unjust (unethical)—-> uses his power to get what he wants

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