Emily Best- Here are the lecture notes for March 15th

retribution: doing bad back to someone who did bad to you; revenge
restitution: restore what you took i.e if you stole an ipod, return it

utilitarians tend to be liberal: in favor of redistribution of wealth

*If bill gates gave away 70 billion and still had 30 billion he would be just as happy, he would make people without $ happier if the money was used to contribute to clean drinking water for those without it, their happiness would increase

Ethical Assassin-Chap. 13-26
-Melford says Lem doesn't fully understand

-Hog Farm: owned by Jim Doe
-farm is dirty, crowded, unhealthy, in a warehouse, toxic mess
-slats in floor that crap filters out to waste lagoon
-inhumane treatment of animals; makes meat cheaper
***100 years ago malnutrition was the #1 health issue in America and it still is today, but for different reasons- we have access to too much bad food, eating too much meat can cause health problems

-Reasons Melford and Lem went:
1. Went to look for the bodies; didn't find them
2. Melford wanted to show Lem about factory farming
-animals treated poorly; inhumane
3. Said he was going to feed the pigs

-Jim Doe shows up and Lem gets caught

-mentors young boys
-boss of Gambler; runs encyclopedia business

-works for Doe- pig farmer and meth cook
-Melford doesn't kill him only for mistreatment of animals
-cooking the meth at the pig farm masks the chemical smell of it due to the waste lagoon

-BB's assistant
-first met when she was prostituting
-BB takes her in
-was a conjoined twin; twin died; she thinks she can hear her twin
-has a huge scar that she shows off
-Dilemma: she could continue to work for BB, and work for something evil (drugs), but keep BB from molesting boys OR quit and risk that BB may take things too far (molest boys)

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