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Clicker Question: singer says the question to ask when we decide if animals deserve ethical treatment is: A. whether they can suffer

Animal Liberation- by Peter Singer

-cares about animal suffering
-says that an action is good if it produces pleasure; action is bad if it produces pain; presents question "can animals feel pleasure/pain?"
-says can't get rid of pain, minimize it and try to use it for good
-pleasure=something that feels good in general; we use our senses to decide
-the moral goodness/badness of an action is determined by pain/pleasure experienced

Speciesism: belief that one species is superior to the rest
-people who don't care about animal suffering
-singer says this is a problem just as bad as racism

-most famous contemporary utilitarian
-believes that animals should have equality to humans; they can suffer
-argues that racism faded with time, and so will speciesism
-says one cannot make a good argument for utilitarianism for the suffering of animals
+Ex: for protein?: can get protein from other sources

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Clicker Question 1 : Epicureanism is a form of Hedonism

Hedonism - all looking for pleasure of some form

Clicker Question 2 : Bentham's utilitarianism is qualitative

Animal deserve rights based on whether on not there suffer

Singer calls animals suffering matter a speicest

Bentham considers animal suffering = true

Singer famous contemporary utilitarianism in animals liberation ( kind of like rights) 70's more recently worked with charities

A good utilitarianist like Bentham you should take the suffering of animals seriously. Just a much a human suffering and if you think animal suffering doesn't matter you are guilty of specieisim.

Utilitarianism maximized the good for a relevant populations. Population and good will vary form person to person

Bentham = good if pleasure, pain is bad.

Pleasure = Varies by person pleasure is relative.

Pain and pleasure doesn't have to be physical. There are something's that are simply bad simply because they cause pain or pleasure ( head aches, eating candy) Things can be ok or wrong based on the out come

There is no room for something that is inherently good or inherently bad. If it generally makes you happy is good, if bad/sad.

Bentham sums it up : Things are good or bad because they cause pleasure or pain.

Athormorphisim - giving human emotions to animals.

Animals have no reason therefore an animal does things based of instinct not reasoning

Some people think animals have self conception… Elephant test?? ( people are insane…)
humans have self conception, insects don't, higher mammals do also

moral worth derived from ability to feel pleasure/pain

Should you care about animals? Should animal rights bother you?

Animal should be respected but at the same time they can't reason and therefore they act based on instinct alone.

Singer equates racism to specieism

IQ test a relative how do you measure intelligence?

History has gone from caring to small groups to caring about bigger groups.

Singer = The reasons why it’s a mistake to treat people who are different form us who are different, what ever the differences, we all have same moral worth.
He then relates this to animals.

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