Here are my notes for today's lecture. It might be a lot of the same stuff as monday since we reviewed everything.

anthropocentrism-says speceism is okay and that only human beings matter.(human-centered view)

There is:
Strong anthropocentrism
Descarte is a strong antropocentrist
Believes that animals are like machines and do not suffer because pain is a mental phenomenon and animals don't have minds.
only ethically obligated to how you treat human beings
Weak anthropocentrism
Cohen is a weak anthropocentrist
Says you should care about animals for human beings
β€”>like how you care about global warming for the cities
Animals only matter because they affect human beings

Kant is somewhere in the middle because he shows signs of both weak and strong anthropocentrism.
Kant says loyalty and gratitude are good qualities to have and if you show your dog loyalty and gratitude you will then show humans that same loyalty and gratitude.
β€”>Basically, how you treat animals reflects on how you treat human beings, and helps do develop good (or bad) character.
Says to be treated morally you must have the capability to behave morally-which animals are not
He doesn't care if you use animals (like farming or experiments), just about cruelty because it reflects what type of person you are

weak anthropocentrist
Cohen cares about animal suffering, he says it matters but not nearly as much as human suffering.
Agrees that they do suffer, so people should not cause needless suffering but it is justified if it helps humans.
Says other things might matter but only because they have affects on animals i.e. being a vegetarianism because the hormones injected into the meat we eat is bad for us.

Regan says that there is a difference between moral agency and moral patience (not exactly sure what this means if anyone can explain that a little more)

Emily Best- Just wanted to add a few things from my notes!

Weak Anthropocentrism: says you may have some obligations to things other than humans, but only for he benefit of human beings.

Cohen: weak anthropocentrist that says animal suffering matters, but humans matter MUCH more
β€”he is okay with eating meat and medical testing on animals

Reciprocation: being rational- being part of a moral community
-capacity to treat one another with respect

-Kant and Cohen say that animals cannot think morally- cannot distinguish between right and wrong, and therefore cannot reciprocate

Rights: Kant/Cohen say animals don't have rights- rights are given on basis of cognitive capacity

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