Emily Best- Lecture Notes for March 29th:

from The Ethical Assassin-Chap. 27-end

Oldham Health Services:
-place they perform medical experimentation on animals
-Bastard and Karen steal animals and sell them to this place for $
-Lem and Desire want to release all animals; Melford says it's better to show what is going on in the place than to save the individual animals= utilitarian argument
~ utilitarian argument: better for everyone to just show what is going on (by taking pictures); will save millions of animals (in other places too) instead of just those (who would probably get captured again anyway)
*Lyss doesn't believe in animal testing

Karen and Bastard are bad people:
-Bastard cooked Meth
-both use drugs
-Bastard works at Hog Farm
-steal animals and sell them for $
-Bastard molested Karen's children so they went to live with their dad

-doing something bad behind something that seems innocent
1. Encyclopedia sales;
BB doing something sinister behind something that seems innocent (drugs behind encyclopedias)
2. Hog Farm;
Seems innocent (to some), but bad behind it

-killed by Ronnie Neil and Scott; Gambler told them he was a pedophile

Jim Doe:
-feels no remorse for terrible things he does
-killed: eaten alive by the pigs after Melford shot him in the knee

Why does Melford kill Bastard and Karen?
-it's the only way to stop them
-suffering that Jim Doe, BB, and Gambler cause are crimes that they can be punished for (jail) (reason he doesn't kill them)
+Melford wants to deal with them, or end the suffering that they are causing in a utilitarian way (get them arrested)
-can't get Bastard and Karen arrested; only way is to kill them
-can stop a lot of animals from suffering by killing two "loser" human beings
~So, it's okay to kill them, but can do without killing BB, Jim Doe, and Gambler

-Melford had money all along-stole it; but gave it to Lem for college
-if he would keep it, it would corrupt him

Lem's Answer to Prison Problem:
-finds answer when arrested by the good cop (Aimee Toms)
~Prison system does work, just not for the reason that it says it does
-takes kids who will change the system (society) and makes them into a common criminal
+easy to deal with another criminal rather than deal with change to society
~Keeps society from changing
- we can deal with criminals but not radicals who want to change our society

—what does that say for our society? we are afraid of change, so we'll let a handful of people run our lives and we'll all just play our roles
it was even mentioned in the republic: justice is what keeps everyone in line, and good rulers are just really good wolves who keep the sheep around and eat them at their will.

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