Feel Free to add more to this i just gave a quick run through of some of the important points in each reading!

purpose of sex is procreation in a monogamous faithful marriage
combine personal sexual satisfaction with treating others with dignity
immoral to use others as simply means to our purposes

believes that adultery is immoral because it breaks the promises of marriage
it usually involves deception, lying
detracs from deep intimacy necessary for a good marriage

monogamy is a social control mechanism
reduces love to capitalist private property
marriage controlled by government; many regulations
only two partners in a marriage causes jealousy and insecurity
one marriage at a time, another control method of the government to keep "tabs" on us
divorce easy these days so people marry for benefits of marriage rather than love (health benefits, ect)

monogamous marriage is important for promoting deep personal relationships
provides good context for raising children
interpersonal relationships important for good quality of life
—involves intimacy and trust, things also important for a good marriage

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