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Read Benedict by Wed.

Today in class we discussed Crimes and Misdemeanors

  • Lying through Deontology to question of sexuality through virtue ethics.
  • Lying through cheating.
  • Structure Question:

*Do cliff and Haily get together? Nope- they just kiss. She goes away and gets engaged to Lester (asshole)
* Why root for Cliff and Haley?
* Knew that Cliff and his wife (Wendy) were over, marriage was done.
* Against Cliff and Haley?
* Still together— not being honest with Wendy
* Murder is Crime, misdemeanor is minor crime(lying, cheating etc)

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky (author)— Crime and Punishment, lives in Russia, Orthodox Christian: made plot to assissan czar of Russia. (major fail!)
    • Raskalnikov (God is dead— no longer in force; idea that God cannot be appealed to as the basis of moral; everything is permitted)
  • Judah is eye doctor: blind to seeing what he is doing wrong. Ben who is blind: is able to see what everyone else is doing wrong.
  • Judah has Delores killed; she is in his way. By end of movie, he questions the being of God because he gets away with Delores

being killed.

  • Judah and Cliff meet at wedding; Cliff is looking for the empty bar (because Haley is engaged.) Judah thinks Cliff is ficitonal film maker. tells him fictional (but real) movie plot. Cliff says thats what happens in Hollywood, and something like that wouldn't happen in real life.
  • Cliff thinks that the person (Judah) should turn themselves in and take responsibility for own actions (Kant(ian) answer) Hollywood ending. (im the hero, with my wife, i got away with the murder and everything is alright)
  • In the end, Judah thinks he gets the "Hollywood ending"—
  • Some people able to cope with empathy.
  • Judah thinks what he is doing is not different than what everyone else is doing.
  • Question:
    • What exactly was wrong with what Judah did? (not including murder)
      • Sexuality connected with love and intimacy with Delores.
      • Emotional commitment to Miriam (Judah's wife)
      • Stole money, but paid them back
      • Delores knows about embesslement/ Miriam doesnt
      • unfair to Delores and Miriam and his daughter.
  • Miriam and Judah seem happy
  • Judah seemed like he didn't know what he wanted with his relationships.
  • To a cetain degree, the woman and man dont always understand eachother
  • Mariam gets Judah a treadmill, (expensive, but not exactly thoughtful)
  • Delores wants Judah to dump Mariam and just be with her.
  • Judah is more unfair to:
    • his wife, because they are already exclusive, mariam doesn't know about Delores; Judah is basing his relationship on lies.
    • Delores: because she knows that he is alreay in a married relationship
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