Lecture notes for April 5th

We started talking about lying today
He spoke some of Kants work The Groundwork for the Metaphysics. And also had some of his writing up from a book called On a Supposed Right to lie because of Philanthropic Concerns.
Then we did things with clickers.
One was a question from Kant's work:
Question:: Once Kant has to speak does he-
Answer: tell the truth because it's the right thing to do.
After this we were asked our opinions.

-lies lead to other lies.
-lying saves friends(depending on the situation)

-Reductio ad absurdum= reduce to absurd

-Constant says Kant is crazy to thinkto tell the truth all the time becase it would make society impossible.
-Kant says it is not him who is crazy it is everyone who lies because it is immoral.
-duty/obligation=normative claims

-lying- believing you are telling the truth
-bullshit- disregarding the truth (new, politics, commercials)

-Problem with lying— saying whatever you want whenever cannot get things done and nothing would ever work.
- Lies respect the truth
- Society needs truth to function

-We often regard obligation/duties to certain/different people.

-Lying is illegal under oath— however, people still lie (commericals etc)

feel free to add on Amanda Rollins :)

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