I thought that it might be good to let everyone know what we discussed before class including exams and quizzes etc. So just a reminder that our midterm exam is on March 3 (Wed), and that we also have a clicker quiz next class, Wed (2/17)

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Today in class we spent a good amount of time talking about what we read in The Ethical Assassin and how Melford asked the quiestion about ideology. We then learned that Karl Marx was basically the one who gave ideology its defination. He could also be known as the "philosopher of communism." He had this set of ideas, that people would use to justify things that would be reguarded as unjust, and try to explain why communism is the best. Slavery was an example that was given in class, saying that slavery isn't right, but because of Marxs' defination, it is saying that you need to find a reason why slavery is okay. Another example was "Why do we use prisions?" It can make people feel safe. You could just use capitol punishment (cut off hands, exile them etc) to make them not do the crime they committed. "Why do we choose punishment?" Is it because it is just easier and we don't want to deal with them? Or can jail feel like rehibilitation? Will that person come out a better person, or will they more likely come out as a better criminal?

-Elisha. W

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