Lecture notes for march first.
We just reviewed a whole bunch of stuff and talked with our groups.

We talked about utilitarianism-should do what creates the best outcome for greatest number of people (a form of consequentialism).
Ethical egoism-form of consequentialism-do what is best for themselves

all hedonists are ethical egoists, but not all ethical egoists are hedonists

(consequentialism=best outcomes)

prisoners dilemma
tit for tat is the best strategy

Republic Characters
Cephalus-tell truth and pay debts
Polemarchus-help friends, hurt enemies
Thrasymachus-justice is bad, injustice is good

descriptive-the world is
prescriptive-the world should be
normative-prescriptive, very strong ought
naturalistic fallacy-confusing is's and oughts.

that was basically it.
i know theyre scattered all about, but if anyone wants to edit it feel free

-sean casey

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