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Today in class we mainly discussed the article of Singer, "Animal Liberation".
Singer's problems (practices)
-animals have to be slaughtered (tortured)-"unspoken suffering"

Bentham's argument: once the animal is dead, it cannot suffer
Utilitarian argument: Maybe this would be okay if caused more pleasure, rather than pain/torture

2.Medical experimentation (is this okay?)
-Singer looks and says it is not okay, and the anatomy of an animal is different and results are irrelevant.
Utilitarian argument: experimentation could benefit humans by performing drug experiements, but have to test on animals
-rats do not have a cognitive understanding (need the knowledge)
-drugs may interact with monkey cells differet than they would human cells
In our society, we can do whatever we want to animals so there will be some benefit to humans.
Singer states that there is not a case of sensible testing
—states that our society doesn't take animal suffering seriously

What beings matter ethically/what kinds of individuals/groups/entities do I need to take into account in my decision making?
—Most everyones answers are HUMANS, some say God
Do I take into account all humans equally?
Do animals matter?
—Singer's answer is any being that suffers (mammals, birds, reptiles, fish) Insects, not so much.

Strong (only human beings matter) Descartes
Weak (How we treat animals may effect humans, however only humans matter) Cohen
—Kant is inbetween

Animal Rights/Liberation (singer, Regan)
Biocentric Individualism - all living things matter/anything that strives to preseve itself matters (Taylor, Varner)
Ex.) a weed
—living, but its a weed (not needed)
Singer doesn't believe plants suffer

Ecocentrism (Land ethic/Deep ecology/Ecofeminism)
bodies (mechanistic) particles that hit other particles to move (machine like)
minds (free)
-Descartes—think humans have minds that are different than the brain (souls)

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