Today in class we finished up our discussion with The Ethical Assassin and did some "Fun Clicker Questions" throughout class.

Why did Melford kill Karen and Bastard and was he justified in it?

Animal Testing Lab:

-Karen and Bastard would steal animals from neighborhoods in exchange for money from the lab.
(ex. of animal testing: How many sprays of perfume til dog is blind)?

-Lem, Melford, and Desiree go to the lab.
-They don't realease all the animals because it is better to show what is going on through pictures..etc. (propaganda).
-Releasing all animals could lead to animals being recaptured again.
- Most animals have already been harmed, so Melford thinks by doing "documentary work" ot will save a lot more animals.

Overall, Melford killed Karen and Bastard because he felt that since there was no way that someone could actually punish them for the crimes they were commiting to the animals on the farm, that Melford needed to.

Anonymous Clicker Questions:

1. Should they have freed the animals?

  • Yes, because you know you can help the animals.
  • Yes, for some other reason.
  • No- Utilitarian argument.
  • No- animals suffering is justified.

What are some arguments for freeing the animals?
- Do both, you're already there, so give some of the animals a chance to survive.
- There is no point since they won't survive in the wild anyways.

-While at the Animal Testing Lab Melford, Lem, and Desiree get caught and bribe the guard to let them go.
- Lem takes a poodle with him and gives it back to someone he talked to.

Karen and Bastard:

- Bad people
- Bastard cooks meth
- Bastard molested Karen's kids.

Jim Doe:

- gets eaten by pigs
- Melford didn't really mean for this to happen though

2. Do you think Melford was always planning on killing Jim Doe?
No ( Melford says he wouldn't intentionally kill him).

3. Who wins the prize for worst person in the story?
- Bastard
- Jim Doe (arresting/raping women, no remorse).
- The Gambler
- BB (likes little boys, brains behind encyclopedia-drug scam).
- Melford
- Ronnie Neil (sells both drugs and encyclopedias).
- Bobby

-The "scam" is they go around selling encyclopdias, but really some are selling drugs (meth)


- was molested by his grandpa
- killed by Ronnie Neil and Scott because The Gambler tells him that BB is a pedifile.

- Melford doesn't want to kill Jim Doe because he can go to jail for his crimes, so he would rather let him suffer.
- Melford does stuff to speed up Jim Doe being caught.
- We find out that Melford doesn't need any money bacause he is rich, so he gives the money to Lem.
- Melford's daytime job is reporting, in the beginning he was friends with the woman Jim Doe tried to rape.

4. Was Melford justified in killing Karen and Bastard?


5. Assume this is a real scenario, Would someone like Melford be justified in killing people like Karen and Bastard

6. Do Karen and Bastard deserve to die?

7. What about just Bastard?

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