(Janai Harrison) this is my opinion and my notes from calss today
Thesis Workshop
1. Should animals deserve to die?
2. Should Melford have killed Bastard?
3. Did Bastard deserve to die?
4. What should the purpose of prison be?
5. Under what condition is meat –eating ethical
6. Under what conditions is experimenting on animals ethical
7. Do I have an obligation to alleviate the suffering of other?

My question was: Should animal have rights?
Answer: Yes they deserve respect because they are living creatures just as we are.
Who is the most/least sympathetic?
• More- Singer because he was very sympathetic and do not think you should inflict pain on them
• Least- Bentham because it depends on what the punishment
Concrete example: When animals are in the shelters because of their owners mistreatment harms them they do not deserve the right to starve nor not showed compassion.
Extra notes:
• Boil all thoughts into a thesis statement (1 or 2 sentence that explains my argument)
• What you think you are dong = thesis statement
• Communicating more clearly

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