Notes on The Ethical Assassin
Starting at chapter 6

Lem leaves the trailer park, and ends up meeting Bobby at the In and Out type store. He realizes that he recognizes one of the men there and then begins to realize that he is the guy from the pickup truck and later on we find out that that man is the Gambler. Back at the hotel (meeting area for all of the book sellers), we learn that Lems roommates are basically a bunch of "tools". Lem looks over and happens to see Chitra (the girl he has a crush on) talking to some man, he then realizes that the man she is talking to is the one who killed Bastard and Karen. We then find out that the assassin's name is Melford and he is there to talk to Lem and find out why he and Bobby had gone back to the trailer the night Bastard and Karen were killed. Lem tells him that they went back to try and finish the sale. Lem then realizes that the checkbook was left at the trailer which if police find it, could lead them to Lem and he could be accused of killing Bastard and Karen. Melford says that he will take Lem back to the trailer to get the checkbook so that they cannot connect him to the murder. On the way Lem asks Melford why he killed them and then Melford brings up the subject of ideology.

-Elisha W.

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