The Ethical Assassin
Chapter 16-20

The Gambler began sitting in his room looking over credit applications.
- He questioned Lem about Karen's application and wondered how they "balked" when writing the check

- Lem explained that Bastard was making trouble while Karen was filling out the app. He brought up that they were talking about money, which threw the gambler off guard.

-The gambler then questioned more about the money and getting frustrated with the situation.

Lem walked to Waffle House and Ronny Neil and Scott joined him.
- They said Lem better pay for them and was bullying Lem.
Lem then went to eat with Chitra
-They started flirting and talking about how Lem is a vegetarian now
-Chitra says she likes Melford but doesnt seem to trust him and warns Lem

Jim Doe and the Gambler went to a hotel to talk
-The gambler tells Doe that Lem described him as being outside the trailer when selling the encyclopedias to Bastard and Karen.

-They talk about the money situation and the gambler makes sure that B.B. sees the situation a certain way in order to cover himself.

-B.B. calls chuck, the boy he mentored, and they discuss to meet up again sometime soon

Lem decided not to sell encyclopedias one day and Melford picked him up
-They went to a chinese restaurant for lunch
-A woman has been following them and she walks over to them and asks Melford why she makes him miserable about not eating meat.
-The woman ends up being Desire

Annie M.

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