-Kant: believes in no sex before marriage and that love=respect, not sex
-Birsch: monogamy is bad; dont get married..says that marriage is an example of ideology (like a free love hippy)
-Steinback: cheating breaks promise of marriage; no problem with premarital sex because there is no promise; also believes open marriage is okay is everybody agrees
-Virtue ethics:- certain kind of character…being an honest person is a virtue
-virtue: a quality that you have, we dont all have the same virtues

  • straight
  • fundamentalist christian/protestant
  • initially operates by the divine command theory, later says his views are opinions which is subjective relativism
  • believe homosexuality is a sin because that's what it says in the bible

-Ed: gay roommate Ryan goes to live with for 30 days
Penny Nixon

  • lesbian
  • minister for primarily gay congregation
  • shows its impossible to have a belief about something without having a specific interpretation. this means that Ryan cannot think of what the bible says about homosexuality as literal but as his opinion/interpretation.

- pick-a-mix: approach to the bible where you pick and choose what you want to follow and what you do not want to
-sin: callings something you shouldnt do bad
divine command (absolutist)----cultural relativism--—-and subjective relativist (opinion)

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