Lecture Notes Feb. 22

Hey everyone. Today we primarily talked about utilitarianism and Jeremy Bentham. He is referred to as the first utilitarian. Professor Allred also talked about totalitarianism as well.

Bentham's basic point is that it is good to hurt bad people but it has to be justified and for the greater good of society. You have to think of the outcomes when making a choice and act out the balance for the greatest good of society, or the greatest goods for the most people.

One of the major topics we talked about today, and also one of the major themes in the reading, is pain and pleasure. Why do we experience pain? It is a sensory sign, or a warning signal. We avoid pain and seek pleasure. Some people who seek out pain do it because somewhere down the road they will see it as beneficial.

Moving back to Bentham, we discussed the Principal of Utility and the four principals of utilitarianism.
1. Intensity
2. Certainty
3. Duration
4. Cost
These are the four applied principals of utility to society. Bentham is considered a Hedonist, a person who believes in what is fun (I think). Being an Hedonist means you follow the the Principals of utility. Epicurus also believed in Hedonism.

We also discussed the Principle of Asceticism which is deontology which follows traditional Judeo-christian ethics.

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