February 24 Lecture Notes

Today we had a clicker quiz and discussed the answers to the four or five questions. Essentially we discussed if it is moral and ethical to be a utilitarian in certain situations. For example, we discussed if it would be sensible to push a large man in front of a train cart because his body could save five people on the train from dying. There are many obvious questions to be asked as to whether or not it is ethical and moral to make this kind of decision. Like what kind of people are on the train? Would the large man be considered a hero and not die in vain? Not too mention that if we were to not push the large man over the track, the train would derail and there was nothing we could do to stop it anyway. The large man would still have his life that was never in danger.

This is primarily what we discussed today and talked about these kind of choices and what would be the most logical thing to do for the better of society and ourselves.

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