Notes 3/29/10

Contemporary Moral Problems Notes, March 29th

Ethical Assin-We talked about:
- Melford took video's and pictures of the hogs an their conditions. We discussed the resons why Melford did not just free the hogs.
- We then went into Utilitarinism and reveiw that they want the best for everybody. Let the animals suffer so we can show others the suffering they have to go through. More quantity then quality.
-Lem takes one of the dogs to give to the lady who lost her poodle.
- We discussed reason why Melford killed Bastard and Karen. The reasons included, harming animals. using drugs, Bastard molesting Karen's children and Bastard not taking care of the hogs.
- Melford shoots Jim Doe in the knee but could have else where.
- Doe ends up getting eaten by the hogs.

In class, we went over 7 key questions that we were asked to consider. After considering one of these
questions, we then had to single out one of the questions that we were most willing to debate in our
minds about.

The seven questions were as follows:
1. Should animals have rights?

2. Should Melford have killed Bastard?

3. Did Bastard deserve to die?

4. What should the purpose of prisons be?

5. Under what conditions is meat-eating ethical?

6. Under what conditions is experimenting on animals ethical?

7. Do I have an obligation to alleviate the suffering of others?

Students were broken up into groups of 3-5 students and then discussed with each other why they made
their selection and their arguments for and/or against the topics they chose. In addition, students
had to list the writer whose argument they had the most sypmathy for, and which writer's argument they
had the least sympathy for.

After this was through, students then had to come up with a story that helps give the reader focus in
the most effective manner possible. The story should, in a way, illustrate your thesis statement.

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