Notes 3/31/10- Thesis Workshop

Today in class we did a Thesis Workshop.

We were asked to answer one of many questions that Professor Allred posted. From there we were asked to answer the question in a sentence or two. We then got into groups of 3-5 to discuss our answers and get feed back. Then we were asked to think back from everything we had learned and tell which "thinker" would agree with our personal answers and "thinkers" that would not agree. Following this, we were asked to write a sentence or two as to why or why not. We were then asked to think of a concrete example that you could put in the paper to show readers why your answer is good.

Finally, we had to type up all our notes and boil all the informaiton into once sentence (our thesis statement). Also, we had to come up with 3 points you would use before the thesis statement to help make your point.

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