Liss Chapters

Chapter 23-
-Desiree waiting to call B.B. but wants him to wait and suffer. She wanted to sever ties with him
-B.B. calls medowbrook grove police and talks to Doe and tells him that the Gambler is setting him up and that he had your meth cook. Bastard, killed to frame you.
-Doe said he wasn’t worried and that he recognized the voice on the phone.

Chapter 24-
-Bobby confronts Lem about why he was in the Gamblers room and he told him that the Gambler asked me to do something for him
-Lem heads back to his room and instead of resting/sleeping like he planned, he gets out a phone book and finds a private investigator . Chris Denton. He asks him to find out about Doe and if he has a criminal record. And says he wants the information that day.
-Melford showed up at the phone booth where Lem had been. Lem said forget about It, he didn’t want to be involved anymore.
-Melford tells Lem he was the one who called the sheriff’s dept. to get back up out to Doe’s Hog Farm. He says that he would have killed Doe if he had to, to keep Lem safe
-Lem got into the car and went with Melford to “play detective”

Chapter 25-
-B.B. felt good about himself and the phone call he made to Doe, he just needed Desiree to follow through. B.B. is ready to be the one who makes the money instead of Gambler.
-B.B is by a pool and see three young boys playing. He gets his usual sceme going and tries to lure the boys into going to get ice cream with him. The older boy says no, cause Dad says not to talk to strangers. The younger wants to go get ice cream. The lady across the pool notices B.B. isn’t just asking them to quiet down and starts questioning B.B. and he says he is a cop who is off duty and she asks to see his badge.

Chapter 26-
-Melford takes Lem back to the trailer park where Karen and Bastard had been shot.
-Melford wants Lem to go back to the houses around there and get information about Karen and Bastard. He doesn’t want to but ends up doing so. Lem has no luck but then one lady, Vivian lets him in after he says he was a private detective.
-Vivan talks about Karen and Bastard and how they were druggies and Karen lost her kids when she started using . She becomes very suspicious with all the questions then ask Lem to leave.
-He has one more question about Doe, and Vivan says Doe has never done anything wrong to the community
-When Lem left the trailer, he couldn’t find Melford so he went walking to he corner carry out and found Melford’s care with Desiree in the passenger seat.

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