Animal Liberation:

Animal liberation states that we have a duty to animals. Our duty is to treat them with respect. If we show cruelty to animals we shall sow cruelty to people. It has been said that how you treat animals such as (cruelty or kind) than as you get older you will continue your actions the same with people. They also use black liberation as a comparison, which in my opinion I don't see how you can compare the two.

The reason behind most philosophers stating that we have a duty to treat animals with respect is because a persons morality drops in a way when they do harm or discomfort to animals. This is simply because of conditioning. When one thinks about it, it becomes clear. How do humans eventually commit acts of evil? They do so through starting off with small crimes in most cases. For instance, the first time a person ever lies in their life they are almost always stricken with an intense guilt, after which, the guilt begins to deteriorate time after time. With every act the guilt becomes less, thus making it easier to commit the crime. The same applies to animals versus humans. When humans commit crimes towards animals they make it that much easier on themselves to commit those crimes against mankind.

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