KANT- you should not lie no matter what the situation is
- intentions/good will
- every human being wants to be happy
- animals are happy, but don't plan happiness; they act on instinct.. (their needs are fixed)

Hypothetical Imperative

If you want/will x, then do y.

(time line)
Education Successful Happy
Values Similar to Mine Good Family Life

ROSS- duties do come into conflicts
Question: How can I resolve that conflict?

Categorical Imperative - not a duty
- the rule I use to construct moral maxims
-No matter what the x is, always do y.
1. Act only on those maxims which you can will to be universal laws. (applying to everyone, at all times, in all situations)
1A. Laws of Nature —-cannot be broken
2. Ends-in-Themselves (Respect Others) *treat people as ends, not means.
3. The Kingdom of Ends (Kingdom of Heaven)
-Always behave like you already live within that kingdom. Each person is responsible for thier actions.
4. Autonomy (self-governing/self-rule giving oneself the law)
-Heteronomy (rule by someone else)
-If you can't say that you would stand behind it, then don't do it. If you can, then you have a moral responsibility!

-Prima Facie Duties
at first glance (on the face of it)
-Actual duties that can conflict in some situtations.

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