Clicker Quiz:
-Once Kant speak, does he…
Answer: speak the truth because it's the right thing to do.

Kant is a deontologist who believes that lying is immoral. He says that you should not lie, even if is results in the murder of someone else.
-Constant believes that Kant doesn't lie, because that person deserves the truth in his eyes.

-Lying:Believing you are telling the truth
*Leads to other lies
*Can save friends (in some situations)
*Respect the truth
*Illegal to lie under oath
Society need the truth to function, because by lying this doesn't allow for productivity.

-Bullshitting: disregarding the truth
Ex) News, commercials, and in politics.

Groundwork for metaphysics of morals
-Categorical importance
-Kant=lying is immoral
-Redcutio Ad Absurdum- The refutation of a proposition by adopting that proposition and showing it leads to absurd consequences.

Utilitarians: reguard lying as bad. The greter harm your preventing, allows for the lie.

Kant: "Once you are okay with lying for a goos cause, you still have weakened your integrity." This leads to disrespecting the community, as a moral agent. And respect is the highest value!

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