Basically, We went over the updates. Grades are not in yet . He went over, in class,the differences between Mills theory of Utilitarism and Benthum's theory.

Mill-He believes that utilitarinism is the quaility of happiness for society.

Benthum-He believes that utilitarinism is the quantity of plessure for society,and that that plessure can be calculated.

You will need to pick a topic for class on Wednesday. Have a few picked out, because only one person can use it in your group.

-Utilitarinism: what betters the whole group
Ex) Singer,Peter

Issues within The Ethical Assassian:
1.) The meat issue between Lem and Mel.
-Killing and mistreating animals
- living conditions of the animals
- Melford doesn't want Lem to contribute.
2.) The Hog Farm (meth lab):
- Owned by Jim Doe
- mistreated and diseased animals
3.) Deseree: BB's assistant with the scar on her side
-Seperated from her twin @ birth…and her sister died in the surgery.
*Utilitarian Question!
-Refused to be normalized by showing her scar.
-Involved with evil, but is trying to make it better is she were to take over.
*Utilitarian Delemia!

Notes from Ethical Assassin
-Melferd is a vegan; will not allow Lem to eat meat because of this.
-Happiness is quality not quantity.
-Utilitarians tent to be liberal

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