Clicker Questions.

  1. Benthan approach to utilitarianzim is ? Quantitative
  2. For Singer the question to ask when doesanimal deserve ethical treatment? Whether htey can suffer
  3. Singer calls someone who doesn't think animals suffering matters a? Speciesit
  4. According to Singer, Benthamconsidered the suffering of animals? Ture

Rest of the class period was about answering

  1. Do animal suffer?
  2. Does animal suffering matter?
  3. Does human nurves system didn't form an animals?

-The abilityto feel good/bad. If something can suffer, it matters ethically.
-Specisism: When you believe that your species is superiour to others.
-Singer believed Bentham considered the suffering of animals.

-Arguement: Animals need to have the same rights as humans, because:
-Pleasure VS. Pain for the best bennefit.
- Biological (nervous system)
*Feedback mechanism……do humans and animals really differ?
-Does thier suffering matter?

-Cognitive Superiority: This can be used to take advantage.
-Intellegence VS. Complexity.
-exploitation is made by ranking these.
-There is no congnitive difference between races.

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