- Singers questions where 1. What about experimenting on animals? 2. Questions of vegatarians?
- Animals are realted to humans because they have a nervous system.
- Benefits that humans get from eating meat is protein and good taste.
- Cows are giving hormones to make them reproduce.
- Anthropocentrism
Strong- Descartes
Weak- Cohen
- You needed to justify the cost and of the award you get.
- The negatives are mad cow disease and people get sick enough to die.
- If animals can suffer than we are treating them unjustly.
- Descartes is a Dualist- body and mind the place you feel pain is in your mind not your body.
(by Ryan Jozsa)


-singer -if I don't take animal suffering seriously then i am a speciest.
-Why does animal suffering matter? The way that we treat animals is unjustifiable in relation to teh benefit that we as humans get from humans.

Animal Rights/Liberation (Singer, Regan)
-Biocentric Individualism

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