On Monday we talked about the end of the Liss book. The class talked about if Mulford did a right thing for killing Karen and Bastered. We talked about the main reason why Mulford killed them, and we answered the question about prisons.

The reason why Mulford killed Bastered and Karen was because they stoled pets and soled them to a animal testing buliding. The reason why to Mulford this is a bigger evil then making and selling drugs is because when he was a teen his cat was killed by the kid next door. Nobody really cared that much about Mulford's cat. The answer to the prisons is the reason why we have prisons is becuae they really do work. They work in making a crimal a more evil crimal. The reaon for a prison is to stop those people who want to chance who the system is working.

The medical experimentation that is going on in Oldham labs is very cruel. They are testing items such as ink toner and videos to find out at what level of concentration would kill half of the testing population. the questions was raised in class: "When is it acceptable to do testing on animals?" Is it alright when we would be testing medically necessary drugs? Cohen would say that in this case it would be alright. Melford was taking pictures as the proof of the testing going on , however he was not okay with freeing the animals. This is because they had already had extensive testing comitted and would have nowhere safe to run to. All the animals would either be re-captured or die. From the utilitarian perspective, not freeing them is the correct choice.

Melford killed Karen and Bastard becuase he thought that he could put a stop to some wrong doing that was happening in the world. Whereas in some other situations he cannot. This is becuase the police are far more interested in tracking down the drug makers/ dealers than going after pet thiefs. Most people within animal rights groups, such as PETA would not be okay with Melfords actions. This is becuase they beleive that a life is a life…no matter what. (Pacifist view).

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